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Dental Implant Restoration in Dallas, North Carolina

Dr. Crawford restores dental implants for your convenience and care.

When you lose a tooth from decay or trauma, it can create an unsightly opening along your gumline. Even if it’s not noticeable each time you smile, your other teeth will eventually shift to fill the space, which changes your bite and causes even more spaces to form. Having a dental implant placed can provide the answer for which you were searching, and creates an esthetically pleasing look. You’ll increase your self-confidence while bettering your bite with this procedure, because you’ll no longer be attracting negative attention to your dental dilemma. Dr. Crawford regularly puts the finishing touch on your dental implant restoration by placing your quality crown and abutment in her Dallas, North Carolina office.

Dr. Crawford’s dental implant restoration returns the light to your smile.

Dr. Crawford can work with you to recommend the oral surgeon who will place the implants, and then follow up with you. We’ll take notes to determine the size, shape, and color of your other healthy teeth, so that the licensed ceramist who fabricates your crown will be able to create a fixture to match your smile. Porcelain crowns won’t change their color, so if you were considering receiving one of our teeth whitening treatments, you’ll want to arrange that before having your dental implant restoration with us.

After a skilled oral surgeon places a titanium rod into the socket of your empty tooth, it will eventually fuse with your jawbone as nature takes its course. Once this has occurred, the piece is stable enough to support your new dental crown and abutment. Dr. Crawford’s team will assist her with that part of the process in our office. The abutment is positioned first, and acts as the connector between your dental implant post and your new, unique crown. Next, Dr. Crawford will be able to connect your customized dental crown to the abutment, and the space in your grin will be no more!

Dr. Crawford provides dental implant restoration to patients from Applecreek Village, Gastonia, Bessemer City, and the surrounding communities in her Dallas, North Carolina practice. Our team can’t wait to assist with your dental implant restoration to see your new smile! We also have patient comforts to ease your jitters, because we know you’re going to be excited to see your innovative look as well. Since you’ll be in our office, why not ask about our other restorative dentistry services? Dr. Crawford provides dental care for all of your loved ones with family dentistry examinations, so don’t hesitate to call our office today!

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