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Crowns and Bridges in Dallas, North Carolina

Save your smile with Dr. Crawford’s bridges and crowns

Even if you have fantastic oral hygiene, you can still be susceptible to problems with tooth decay, accidents, and other issues that can result in the loss of one or more teeth. Dr. Crawford has crown and bridge treatments available for you. Our staff is nonjudgmental, and we want to help you correct dental problems as soon as possible. We have natural-looking composite crowns that blend in well with your grin, and won’t draw attention to your dental work. If you have a hole in your smile that’s created by missing teeth, Dr. Crawford can attach a dental bridge to restore function. You won’t be able to believe the improved appearance you’ll gain.

Crowns are used as a protective surface for your teeth, and they can be created to blend in and disguise the damage to the area. It’s important to contact Dr. Crawford’s office immediately following a break. Ignoring the impairment will allow the injury to spread below the gumline, which often results in a necessary extraction. The staff at our Dallas, North Carolina office will be able to take a look at the fracture and determine whether or not it can be corrected with the use of a dental crown. Our staff will clean your tooth and remove any remaining fragments from the area. As soon as injured tooth is cleansed, Dr. Crawford will place a dental crown over the tooth, which can return its stability and function.

If you’ve lost anywhere from one to three teeth in a row, Dr. Crawford can fit you for a dental bridge. You’ll need to schedule an appointment in order to find out if you’ll be able to receive a dental bridge, because you need to have other strong, healthy teeth to which the bridge can be affixed. We’ll examine your teeth, and Dr. Crawford will record the size and shape of your other teeth so that her notes can be detailed and accurate. She’ll send these notes to the certified ceramist who will craft your bridge, and once our office receives your new prosthetic, you’ll come back to complete your treatment. Crowns will be placed on the teeth that lie on either side of the space in order to anchor your dental bridge, and then it will be positioned.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you see how well the crowns and bridge restore your appearance. Dr. Crawford has the desired knowledge to place your fixture, so contact our office today! We serve patients from Applecreek Village, Gastonia, Bessemer City, and surrounding North Carolina locations from our Dallas, NC office.

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