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Children’s Dentistry in Dallas, NC

Help your child start their foundation in excellent oral hygiene at Dr. Crawford’s office today!

Dr. Shana Crawford is a family dentist, and offers a full range of children’s dentistry services at her Dallas, North Carolina office. Many dentists are unwilling to see children for dental examinations, but Dr. Crawford knows it’s important to instill dental health values at the earliest opportunity. We’d like to see your child around their second birthday, or when their baby teeth come in. This way our staff can ensure that your son or daughter’s teeth are growing in properly.

Children’s dentistry services from Dr. Crawford include:

As a family dentist, Dr. Crawford is more than willing to take care of the smallest members of your household. She’s kindhearted and will explain important parts of dental hygiene practices to your son or daughter, and can even show them the equipment around the office so they won’t be scared or nervous during the actual examination. Kids often miss spots when they brush their teeth, so Dr. Crawford will be able to check for areas of plaque buildup during your children’s dentistry examination, and clean those tough spots accordingly.

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments will strengthen the enamel of your child’s teeth, and are used to lower the risk of cavities. Your son or daughter will receive a fluoride treatment with each child’s dentistry examination around the time they are five or six, and dental sealants will be applied as his or her adult molars come in later. The sealant is painted on the enamel of a tooth to provide an extra barrier against harmful bacteria, and the fluoride rinse re-mineralizes teeth, which makes it harder for plaque to build up.

If we spot a cavity, it won’t be the end of the world. Dr. Crawford can apply a natural-looking composite filling in our Dallas, North Carolina location to prevent the decay from spreading after she treats the area. Damage can spread quickly in young ones, which is why it’s so imperative to bring your child for a children’s dentistry examination twice a year.

Dr. Crawford will see your son or daughter at her children’s dentistry office in Dallas, NC. She also sees patients from Gastonia, Bessemer City, Applecreek Village, and the surrounding North Carolina neighborhoods. Our office has a full set of dental services for the entire family, so you can come to one location to schedule all of the appointments your loved ones will need.

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